Wine and Flowers

  • $60.00

Sprinkle a pinch of our wine-infused or floral-enhanced exotic salts over your finished dishes to take them from the simple to the sublime.

  • Melange á Chardonnay ( Chardonnay-infused Sea Salt with Lemon Peel and White Pepper)
  • Que Será Syrah ( Syrah-infused Sea Salt with a pinch of Black Pepper and Cloves)
  • Merlot Tout-épice ( Merlot-infused Sea Salt with a hint of Allspice)
  • Pinot Noir Poivre et Sel (Cane Smoked Pinot Noir Black Pepper and Sea Salt)
  • Rose Sel de Mer  (Sea Salt with Pink Rose Petals)
  • Safron Fleur de Sel (Fleur de Sel and Saffron)
  • Hibiscus Fleur de Sel (Fleur de Sel and Hibiscus Flowers)
  • Lavande Sel de Mer (Fleur de Sel and Lavender Flowers)

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